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We started out on this journey as a collaboration of musicians called together by our producer, Peter North. Pete had a vision for a show about the music of the Band. Seven musicians rehearsed and presented a show called “Up On Cripple Creek”. The show was a runaway hit and we toured it throughout western Canada for the past 4 years. In the midst of our rehearsals and preparations for these shows, four of the core members, Thom Moon, Gord Matthews, David (Crawdad) Cantera and Ron Rault, developed a close friendship, based on a mutual respect for each others musicianship.

Pete North saw it as well; that indefinable bond that happens – rarely – when a set of players “click”. So, Pete decided there was more to the Front Porch Roots Revue than just set-piece shows. There was originality and musical magic being created whenever this group of four guys started mixing it up on any stage and in any type of musical genre.  Subsequently, Pete booked the “show” into venues all over Alberta and BC and we found our own brand of music being well received everywhere we played.

We had long intended to get into the studio again. An earlier collaboration (2009) had produced the highly successful self-titled CD named, aptly, the Front Porch Roots Revue.  Having sold out several runs of the CD, we knew that new material and therefore a new CD would be an important next step in the establishment of this group as an individual entity.

The members are:

Gord Matthews  acoustic, electric guitars, and vocals

David (Crawdad) Cantera harmonica and vocals

Ron Rault   bass, National Steel and acoustic guitar and vocals

Thom Moon   drums

Karla Anderson  vocalizing extraordinaire

Day Old Muffin  mandolin

Produced, engineered and mixed by Barry Allen at Homestead Recorders

Special thanks to Peter North, without whom none of this would have happened.

Eye of the Hurricane    (R. Rault)

Good things Comin’   (G. Matthews)

Cordella    (D. Cantera)

She Doesn’t Like My Cadillac (D. Cantera)

Changes    (R. Rault)

Tell Me Where I Am   (G. Matthews)

Caveman    (D. Cantera)

Long Train    (R. Rault)

Cheatin’    (G. Matthews)

Sugar Cube    (G. Matthews)

Must’ve Been The Devil  (R. Rault)

Tears of Mine    (D. Cantera)

Bonus track

Do Right Woman   (Chips Moman and Dan Penn)