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One of my favourite recordings of the last 40 years is a collection of songs hung under the banner, Woodstock Mountains: More Music from Mud Acres.

It is a disc that stands the test of time, thanks in part to a selection of great songs, some that were drawn for the wells of Hank Williams Sr. and Lester Flatt.  Others were new pieces written by young songwriters Roly Salley and Pat Alger who found themselves in the company of veteran instrumentalists and tunesmiths like Eric Andersen, John Sebastian, John Herald and the Traum Brothers, Happy and Artie.

Listening to that disc all these years later makes me think there are a few comparisons to be made between that cast and this one, the Front Porch Roots Revue , which came together in North Central Alberta.

Both sessions appear to be about making good music, and enjoying each other’s talents and company, and parking egos at the door.  This music documented at Homestead Recorders is a mix of a few fine originals from Stewart MacDougall, John Rutherford and Doug Andrew and some classic folk-roots songs from the same deep wells that the cast in Woodstock favoured.

Up here in Edmonton, friends like Rachelle Van Zanten dropped by Homestead when passing through town.  When called upon, fine instrumentalists like fiddle ace Byron Myhre and percussionist Dwayne Hrynkiw, turned up on a moment’s notice.  They added spices to the mix in just the right spots, on songs sung by Ron Rault, MacDougall, Rutherford, Andrew and Brent Parkin, who along with harp player Dave Cantera, have taken these tunes to many stages around Alberta.

The goal was about taking an audio snapshot of the talents of a number of respected western Canadian roots music veterans, with a cameo from Ottawa’s Steve Marriner on Busy Being Blue, a song Stewart wrote a few decades ago, which subsequently became one of the cornerstone songs on k.d. lang’s brilliant Shadowland album.  We hope this collection of song acts as a reminder that superior talent, mixed with camaraderie and mutual respect, is a combination that rarely lets anyone down.

Peter North

Edmonton, March 2010

Produced and engineered by Barry Allen of Homestead Recorders,

Edmonton Production input on Jesus Is On The Mainline, Ron Rault

Executive Producer: Peter North

Booking Inquiries:

Artwork: Hank Leonhardt

A very special thanks first and foremost to Barry Allen.  What a guy, what a mentor and what a talent.  We’ve all been lucky to be in the presence of a man who is all class, heart and soul…thanks Barry from all of us.

Mastered by Bill Wolf / Wolf Productions / Virginia

Thanks to: All the promoters, folk, blues and roots music venues, and festivals which have done such a great job promoting the Front Porch shows.  Continued thanks to Gavin Farmer of Festival Place, and his staff, for giving us the space and place to put new decking and chairs on the porch.  And thanks to Bobby Cameron, Grant Stovel, Karla Anderson, Jim Guiboche, Bill Hobson and Thom Moon who have all hung out on the porch, and who continue to make great contributions to the live shows.

1. Jesus Is On The Mainline

Ron Rault bass and vocal, Brent Parkin and Rachelle Van Zanten guitars,

Dwayne Hrynkiw percussion (Traditional) 4:22

2. The Baptist

Doug Andrew vocal and guitar, Byron Myhre fiddle, Brian Barr mandolin,

Brent Parkin guitar, Ron Rault bass, Write: Doug Andrew / SOCAN 4:07

3. One of These Days

Brent Parkin guitar and vocal, Byron Myhre fiddle

4. Busy Being Blue

Stewart McDougall vocal and piano, Brent Parkin guitar, Ron Rault bass,

Steve Marriner harmonica, Dwayne Hrynkiw percussion

Writer: Stewart MacDougall   Publisher: Lars Music Publishing 3:58

5. King of Names

Ron Rault bass and vocals, Brent Parkin guitar, Stew MacDougall keyboards,

Dwayne Hrynkiw percussion

Writer: Peter Yarrow   Publishing: Pepamar Music Corp 4:14

6. My Bucket’s Got A Hole In It

Doug Andrew guitar and vocal, Brian Barr mandolin, Dave Cantera harmonica,

Ron Rault bass, Brent Parkin guitar

Writer: Clarence Williams   Publisher: MCA music publishing 3:25

7. Bluestown

John Rutherford vocal and acoustic guitar, Dave Cantera harmonica,

Brent Parkin guitar

Writer: John Rutherford / SOCAN 3:35

8. Too Many Drivers

Brent Parkin guitar and vocal,

Writer: Andrew Hogg   Publisher: Modern Music Inc. 4:11

9. Take My Hand

Dave Cantera vocal and harmonica \ Traditional 4:21

10. The Work Song

Ron Rault bass and vocals, Stewart MacDougall piano, Rachelle Van Zanten guitar

Composed: Nat Adderly Lyrics: Oscar Brown Gower Publishing Company 4:16

11. Busy Being Blue

Steve Marriner harmonica, Brent Parkin guitar, Ron Rault bass, Dwayne Hrynkiw drums

Writer: Stewart MacDougall Publisher: Lars Music Publishing 3:54